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אתגרים בתפעול ותחזוקת מתקן חשמל

Friday | 9.11 | 9:00

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סרג'יו הולינגר


Education: MSc degree in electromechanical engineering of Polytechnic Institute Iași in Romania, 1976.

Professional Background:

• Project Manager and Chief Engineer at Y.Uspiz electrical motors.
• Manager of electrical and control department of the National Water Carrier of Mekoroth. 
• Chief engineer of the electrification project of Israel Railway.
• Chief Electrical Engineer at EAPC.
• Member of technical committees of the Israel Standards Institution.
• Member of the High Engineering Board of the SEEEI.

תכנית המושב

FAM 1.1

ניהול ובקרה מתקדמים של מתקנים לייצור אנרגיה מתחדשת

אבי קליין, אמיר ברושי, סייטק

למרות ההתקדמות הטכנולוגית במערכות השליטה והבקרה של טורבינות רוח וממירים סולאריים, נדרשות יכולות נוספות על מנת למקסם את ייצור האנרגיה, התמודדות עם תקלות ואיכות חשמל.

המאמר יסקור את היתרונות בשימוש במערכת ניהול אנרגיה בלתי תלויה:

מאפשר גישה לנתוני צריכה ללא חשיפת מידע רגיש אחר כגון תקלות

דיוק גבוה של מכשיר מדידה עצמאי

מדידה מרוכזת של המתקן כולו, לעומת סיכום אריתמטי של תוצאות

מדידה בנקודת החיבור לספק האנרגיה

מדידת פרמטרים תפעוליים לבדיקת אמינות ובקרה

ביצוע מאזני אנרגיה לאיתור הפסדים

בדיקת איכות חשמל לניצול מירבי של יכולת הייצור

השוואה בזמן אמת של הייצור בפועל לכושר הייצור התיאורטי

קבלת מידע עדכני אודות החיסכון הרגעי והמצטבר, באנרגיה, כסף ופליטת גזי חממה

בנוסף תוצגנה דוגמאות לפרויקטים מרחבי העולם הן בחוות סולאריות והן בטורבינות רוח.

אבי קליין סיים בהצטיינות לימודי תואר ראשון ושני בכימיה באוניברסיטת בר-אילן בשנת 2007, ומאז עסק במגוון תפקידי שיווק ומכירות. משנת 2016 מתמקד בתחום של ניהול אנרגיה ובשנת 2018 הצטרף לחברת סייטק בתפקיד של מנהל מכירות לדרום מזרח אסיה.

אבי קליין-.jpg

אבי קליין



FAM 1.2

New Concept in Centralized Protection and Control for Distribution Substations

Mats Uppgard, ABB Technologies, Finland

ABB is introducing an innovative, centralized approach to protection and control in distribution networks and smart substation control and protection for electrical systems.

The new solution centralizes all protection and control functionality in a single, IEC 61850-based device on substation level together with merging units to reduce complexity and support optimal, lifelong asset management for the digital substation. Digitally enabled solutions are helping utilities and industries know more, do more and do it better than before. The advanced connectivity capabilities enable seamless integration with additional services, such as remote diagnostics, asset management and upgrade services.

Modular software allows customization at the initial ordering stage and flexible modification for the lifetime of the digital substation. The technology is ready to evolve alongside the grid to adapt to changing protection requirements. Continuous access to new developments guarantees an always up-to-date substation system. The advantage of only having to modify one device instead of all bay-level protection and control devices makes upgrading the entire substation system easier than ever.

Mats Uppgard-.jpg

Mats Uppgard

ABB Technologies, Finland

Mats Uppgard is a technical marketing manager at ABB in the city of Vaasa in


Mats has a more than 20 years’ history in the medium voltage protection and

control business, working at ABB’s factory for medium voltage protection and

control products. During Mats career he has been working in product

development, engineering, technical support, training and project management


FAM 1.3

Cost Effective Servicing, Repair and Refurbishment

Johan Fredrik Bok, IMHP, Switzerland


The role and benefits of servicing thermal power plants are fully embraced by the global key players  OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) each of them  showing state of  the  art turbine technology,  this encourage power plant owners and consultants, all looking for the goal of having a profitable and on-time finished maintenance projects (Repair  & refurbishment). Besides  the manufacturing of  major  and critical rotating parts using installed numeric control machining  tools  in  workshops,  the  same  quality of machining in the field is often required, where the  market  has  to  reflect  the  after-sales- service awareness,  and set  incentives  for  the use of  improved on the job-site machining technologies,  not only offered by the global key players but also offered by third parties, becoming part of the supply change.

This presentation focus on the role of external service provider with best machining on the job site for any size of power plant using robust, versatile and mobile machining tools all developed and manufactured in-house and proven to be cost effective on multiple job- sites around the globe. The origin of the applied field machining tools came from the business of rehabilitation of aging thermal power plants and by having developed further special features, a unique, flexible and precise field machining tool, the servicing of large hydro power plants became obvious and implemented successfully over the past years.

We will show some projects mainly done in Europe, where the details of machining accurately with the best possible tolerances and commitments for on  time  deliveries  are  recognized  in  the  industry.  Equally important is the capability to  offer the services  on  a global scale, thanks to a  strategic  location  in Europe and the Americas, all outfitted with the expertise in field machining for  almost all  type  of power generation plants (Thermal, Coal, Hydro & Nuclear).

Third party service provider companies are generally  much  smaller,  their  competitiveness  is  safeguarded by the fact that their role will not & cannot jeopardize the commitments of the global key players (OEMs & ISPs) towards their end-users, the contrary though, it will  strengthen  the  overall  project time-wise and cost wise, thus beneficial for all parties involved in the  powers service  industry.  The paper will show specific features of the machining tool applications for thermal and hydro power plants. These features were developed by the company and already validated in the field. Additional validations on various customer’s power plant sites were conducted followed by  successful  implementation on the fleet of field machining.

With significant demand growth in the world’s power business, either for new or older thermal & hydro power plants (refurbishment & maintenance), the race for  third  party  service  provider  has  begun.  Global players in the manufacturing of major thermal & hydro power plants including public and private utilities (IPPs) will look at ways to enhance services for on the job-site machining and its tendering and contracting procedures.

Some global key players (OEMs) are still capable to build turnkey combined cycle power plants, which is a great advantage to many public and private utilities including financial institutions. A single point of responsibility for all contract requirements is a guarantee for on-time delivery. However, after sales services from OEMs and ISPs (Independent Service Providers) are going through many challenges nowadays, where competition is not even across the regions. Together with reliable partners in the sub-contracting services, companies can achieve the most cost-efficient solutions for the scheduled and unplanned maintenance, using state of the art special field machining tools.

Johan Fredrik Bok-.jpg

Johan Fredrik Bok

 IMHP, Switzerland

A citizen of the Netherlands, Mr. BOK earned in 1974 a Mechanical Engineering degree at the Poly- Technical Institute of The Hague and became in 1982 the Industrial Sales Manager of BROWN BOVERI CORPORATION (BBC) international division in Mexico-City, after ten years working as project manager in the marine and process division of RHINE SCHELDE VEROLME in Rotterdam the Netherlands and Rio de Janeiro Brazil and as sales & application engineer for Thomassen Holland BV, General Electric’s first manufacturing associate in Rheden, The Netherlands

Mr. BOK moved to North Brunswick New Jersey, USA in 1985 and five years later to the headquarters of BBC in Baden, Mr. BOK moved to North Brunswick New Jersey, USA in 1985 and five years later to the headquarters of BBC in Baden, Switzerland. From the late eighties to nineties the company name changed from BBC to ABB and later to ALSTOM due to mergers. His professional journey continued in the early nineties, became the assistant Vice President of ABB Power Generation Latin America based in Bogota, Colombia. He has been active involved in some of the first classical private power plant projects type “BOO” and “BLT” in the hemisphere of the Americas. In 1995 he became the director international business development of ABB Power Generation Inc. USA

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