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Smart Metering

Wednesday | 7.11 | 16:30

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Michael Levy

Israel Electric Co. 

Mr. Miki Levy acts as panel-chairman. Education: Miki has a B.Sc. in Electric Engineering from "Beer-Sheva University", and M.Sc. degree with specialization at business management from "Technion Israel Institute of technology". Miki works at IECo for 28 years. He previously managed all sub-stations at Jerusalem district. Miki currently acts at National Meters unit manager, and of the smart metering project manager (a strategic project of Israel Electric Corporation). Miki is also a senior member at SEEEI – Israel Electric Engineers Association. Miki encourages his employees always for initiatives, participating at academic and professional seminars and standard institutes. 

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WPM 6.1

A Smart Metering Global Review

Dr. Daniella Muallem Israel Electric Co.

Smart metering is becoming an integral component of a smarter grid and an open electricity market. Smart meters provide a tool for increasing transparency for customers and encouraging energy efficiency, and are the cornerstone of a grid solution for enabling integration of renewables and electric vehicles into the distribution network. Some companies are using smart meters to enhance customer experience and offer a range of tariffs to customers. Other companies are already realizing operational and maintenance benefits from reduced site visits and using power quality data to improve grid stability. Across the globe smart metering has become a question of “how?” not “if?”: Residential coverage is now close to 50% in USA and growing, while China which leads the market has been reported to have well over 400m meters already installed with over 90% penetration in the electricity market, and Japan has a big project to rollout 27m meters by 2020. In Europe there are already over 70m meters, with 72% penetration expected by 2020, with countries such as France completing first roll-outs while others such as Italy already deploying 2nd generation solutions.

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Dr. Daniella Muallem

Israel Electric Co.


PhD Biophysics - 2001-2005- University College London (UCL), UK

MSc Neuroscience - 1999-2000 - University College London (UCL), UK, Awarded Distinction   

BA Physics - 1996-1999 - Oxford University, UK


Israel Electric Corporation - National Metering Unit - 2013-present


Navigant Research (US-based consulting firm) - June 2013-Nov 2013 Associate Analyst - Smart Utilities Team


IDC Energy Insights/IDC Israel - Aug 2010-June 2013

Senior Research Analyst 

Lead Analyst for “Smart Energy Strategies”, EMEA and contributor to “Utility IT Strategies” programs


National Institute of Biotechnology of the Negev, Israel - Apr 2010 – Aug 2010 - Publications Editor   


UCL, University of London UK -  2006- 2009 - Postdoctoral Research Associate   


UCL, University of London, UK - 2001-2005

PhD Student, Department of Physiology

Tutor for undergraduate Physics and Medical students

WPM 6.2


Avi Lugassi, LeeTechsys

מה עושים עם מליוני מכשירים שצריך לחברם ולהביא את הנתונים שלהם למערכות יעודיות דרך לאינטרנט?

רשתות הסלולאר נמצאות בכל מקום אבל היעוד שלהם הוא לקצבי תקשורת גבוהים ונתונים זמינים בזמן אמת, כמו כן העברת נתונים ברשתות הסלולאר חייבת בתשלום ותשלום קבוע עבור חיבור לרשת. האינטרנט של דברים (IoT) צריך קישוריות אזור רחב WAN רשתות ברחבי הערים.

צפי שבשנת 2020 יהיו מחוברים מעל מילארד מכשירים M2M ולכן מחפשים טכנולוגיות רדיו WAN חדשות שיהיו פרושות בכל המרחב ושיחברו את המכשירים, הפתרון המעשי הוא רשתות רדיו רשתות, כמובן שרשתות קוויות אינן כלכליות כלל וגם לא נתן לפרוש רשתות כאלה למאות מליונים של מכשירים, בקיצור בשום פנים ואופן לא מעשי להשתשמש ברשותת קוויות עבור מוצרים אילו, ולכן.

הפתרון הוא LoRa/LPWAN טכנולוגיה תקשורת רדיו RF לשטח רחב WAN המשתמשת בספקטרום רדיו ללא רישיון עם מאפייני התפשטות האות המאפשר רשתות עם טווח עירוני הנמדדת בקילומטרים המציעה שילוב משכנע מאוד של טווח ארוך, צריכת חשמל נמוכה שיכולה להמשיך לעבוד עם סוללה למשך שנים, העברת נתונים מאובטחת ורשתות בעלות נמוכה של תחנות הבסיס/רכזת (Gateway) והייחשנים. וכל זאת משום ש- LPWAN מותאם במיוחד ל- IoT שבו קצב הנתונים הוא פחות חשוב מאשר טווח.

רשתות ציבוריות ופרטיות המשתמשות בטכנולוגיה זו יכולות לספק כיסוי רחב יותר בטווח בהשוואה לזה של רשתות סלולריות קיימות.

כמו כן פיתחו הפרוטוקול יעודי LoRaWAN פרוטוקול תקשורת בין חיישנים M2M הפרוטוקול הוא בקטע של הרדיו בין החיישנים לבין הרכזת (Gateway) , מאפשר הגדרה מהירה של רשתות IoT ציבוריות או פרטיות, תוך שימוש בחומרה ותוכנה מאובטחת ומספקת המון אפליקציות.

אבי לוגסי, בעל תואר ראשון (BSc.) למדעים בהנדסת חשמל מטעם הטכניון חיפה.

2008 - R & D יועץ לחברות בינלאומיים בתחום מונה חשמל אלקטרוניים ותקשורת למונה חשמל

2005 - 2008 מנהל שיווק בחברת. Telecommunications ADC.

2002 - מנהל כללי ב "LeeTechsys", חברה המספקת פתרונות חומרה ותוכנה עבור  Smart Metering תקשורת  PLC & RF עבור פתרונות AMR (Automatic Meter Reading).

2002 - 2004 סגן נשיא ב- " Holley Group" חברה סינית הגדולה בעולם בתחום של  Smart Metering

1994 - 2002 מייסד וסגן נשיא בחברת NAMS (Nisko Advanced Metering Solutions) חברה שעסקה בתחום של Smart Metering PLC (Power Line Communication). פיתוח ויצור מונים אלקטרוניים עבור Siemens.

1984 - 1994 מנהל הפרויקט בחברת "טלדטה תקשורת בע"מ.

1982 - 1984 מהנדס פיתוח ב "Fibronix", חברה בתחום של "תקשורת נתונים על סיבים אופטיים", תכנון ופיתוח ASIC מיוחד עבור תקשורת נתונים.

1976 - 1977 מהנדס מו"פ מחלקת תקשורת RF. ב- "רפאל".

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Avi Lugassi



WPM 6.3

Lessons learned from Spanish Smart Metering Rollout

Javier Pagès López, Arkossa Smart Solutions, Spain

ARKOSSA is specialized in providing end-to-end solutions within the scope of electricity, telecommunications and data-analysis in PLC networks, tailored to the client’s specific needs,

Spain was one of the first European countries to apply smart metering regulation.

After the meters rollout, many of the Spanish utilities faced different problems, such as missed readings and lack of PLC availability. The main issue was related to the lack of information, and of tools provided to the utilities by meter’s vendors in order to fix different problems.


Using Big Data tools as Smart Finder analytic software, we managed to analyze the LV network’s topology in order to sort out and detect different problems related to the smart meter implementation. The integration with current ERP, GIS and Billing systems was carried out to get more information about each metering point.


With Arkopath as our field services tool and work order management system, we could process and analyze the information necessary to organize the different work orders and implement different solutions across the Smart Meter architecture (Meters, Data Concentrators, WAN Communications, Billing System, Head End System, etc).


Our skilled and experienced professionals helped utilities to improve their systems in different areas like:

  • Fix problems related with GIS and asset management, using the information collected on field.

  • Appropriate identification of Metering Points and Transformer Station Association.

  • Filter’s noise problems in the PLC network.

  • Improve signal quality in different areas trough the installation of repeaters.

  • Detect different problems with tampered meters and fraud.

  • Detect broken meters (hardware failure) and wrong meter parameterization.

  • Fix meter’s problems through the upgrade of old firmware versions.

  • Parameterization of Data Concentrators according to best practices and performance, including data collection, security and monitoring features tasks.

  • Installation and validation of Transformer Station Meter Supervisors to provide energy balances at low voltage per each TS.

  • Improving billing process with the detection of wrong programmed contracts and faulty meters due to meteorological issues.


After carrying out Clean Up services, we could achieve readings rates above 98% and improve PLC availability to the 90% of the total smart meters connected to the network.


Conclusion: Smart Meters Rollout is a serious challenge for utilities, and all the components need to be considered carefully: a good technology transfer from vendors as well as training and deep changes into utilities' organization, that needs to be managed in order to maintain and operate smart meters' networks.

Javier Pagès López.png

Javier Pagès López

Arkossa Smart Solutions, Spain

CIO & SOC Director at Arkossa Smart Solutions, SL Computer Engineer focused on Computer Forensics, Security Expert Witness, Digital Evidences, and Security Audits.

Lead Auditor ISO 27001 (BSI)

Credencial Profesional Nivel Negro en CCI, Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial-Industrial Cybersecurity Center

Involved on many Profesional Associations. Collaborate with law-enforcement organizations and public institutions in Spain.

Especialidades: Computer Forensic, Expert Witness, Security Audits, Security Operation Center, ISO-27001, ISO-20000


WPM 6.4

How AI with Smart Meters Can Deliver Behind the Meter Insights

Shane Fay, Grid4C, USA

Utilities face growing challenges as they attempt to leverage and manage increasing amounts of data from grid assets, like distributed generation, T&D systems, and smart meters; and assets behind the meter, like EVs, PVs, smart thermostats, smart appliances, and other data from IoT (Internet of Things).

More advanced utility IoT analytics solutions have entered the market and can be applied to legacy systems and new data flows that leverage cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, that squeeze maximum business value out of these data streams.

Without smart meter investments, utilities cannot effectively manage the grid or prepare to address new challenges in the electricity market. Investments in smart metering infrastructure, along with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities from companies like Grid4C, are essential for delivering behind the meter insights and optimizing an array of distributed energy resources.

Hear from Grid4C’s Senior Vice President how they are partnering with global utilities to squeeze maximum business value out of smart meters and other data sets, to deliver new revenue streams, offer new products and services, better balance supply and demand, optimize distributed energy resources (DERs), and increase customer loyalty.

Shane Fay-.jpg

Shane Fay

Grid4C, USA

Shane M. Fay is Senior Vice President for Grid4C and leads global sales and marketing efforts. With over 18 years experience, Mr. Fay has lead sales teams and delivered innovative solutions to energy companies and their consumers. Prior to Grid4C, Mr. Fay led sales for Comverge, a market leading demand response firm, which was acquired by Itron in June 2017. Mr. Fay also has held sales and consulting leadership positions with Simply Energy, Echelon, and Accenture.


Mr. Fay has an MBA from the University of Georgia and BBA in Information Systems from Baylor University and is passionate about how innovative energy solutions can transform the world.


WPM 6.5

Algorithms for Added Value Applications for the Electricity Market

(Part II)

Netzah Calamaro, Prof. Doron Shmilovitz, Israel Electric Co. Tel Aviv University

This is a continuance lecture to the sucessful last year lecture.

It shall introduce how Israel Electric Company and Tel-Aviv university collaborate on 3 science paths

to invent new applications for the electricity smart metering grid and non-smart grid: (a) advancing electricity theory - a series of 4 papers is now submitted to IEEE journals (b) advanced machine learning operated on powerfull computers (c) very advanced mathematical theory such as optimal control, non-linear systems theory, wave mechanics. Joining the 3 science paths generates stronger applications than others:

+ detection of technical/non-technical losses at conduction/distribution grid

+ non-intrusive diagnostics of electricity devices at residence only from meter reading

+ electricity management optimization through smart meters and optimization theory

+ fraud detection and customer segmentation

Netzah Calamaro.jpg

Netzah Calamaro

Israel Electric Co.


B.Sc. Electric & Electronic Engineering from

Technion Israel Institute of Technology 1990.

  • M.Sc. Electric & Electronic Engineering from Technion 1998.

  • Studies PhD Electric & Electronic engineering at Tel-Aviv university since 2015.


  • 1990-1995- R&D engineer IDF, captain

  • 1995-2002: Verification of chip computer simulations

  • 2002-2009: Elspec validation engineer

  • 2009-2013 meters development lab

  • 2013-2017 National meters unit meterologist. Tender spec writing metrology chapters

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