Avi Lugassi

Avi Lugassi


 Chair of Smart Infrastructure & Cyber track

Holds Bachelor (BSc.) of Science in Electrical Engineering, Technion Haifa.

2008 -  R&D consultant for National and International companies

2005 – 2008      Marketing  Director at ADC Telecommunications Israel. ADC Telecommunications Israel is research and development center for Service Gateways and wireless Access Controllers.


2002 - General Manager at "LeeTechsys", a company providing hardware and software high- tech solutions in the ASIC and others such as Energy Metering, PLC & RF for AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) solutions.

2002 - 2004 Vice President at "Holley Metering" a Chinese company, and the largest metering company in the world providing: Electricity, Water, and Gas meters, and AMR systems


1994 - 2002 Founder and Vice President of R&D and Engineering at NAMS (Nisko Advanced Metering Solutions) a company in the field of digital metering and PLC (Power Line Communication). Was a member of the International Global Advisory Panel (GAP) for the metering, tariff, and communications standards committees.


1984 - 1994 Project Leader at “Teledata Communication Ltd.” (Now ADC), a company in the field of “Voice and Data over Cable”: managing hardware and software teams for the development of a Remote Digital Concentrator, and HDSL product in telephony.


1982 - 1984  Design engineer at “Fibronix”, a company in the field of “Data Communication over fibre optics”: designing and developing special ASIC for data communication. 1976 – 1977  R&D Engineer at “Rafael”, RF telecommunication department.