David Young

David Young


​David Young has 35 years' experience as HVAC engineer.

He graduated from University of Bath UK with Mechanical Engineering degree. Work experience includes 5 years with large HVAC contactor as project engineer, followed by 12 years in French multi-disciplinary design office culminating as head of HVAC department. Experience in France includes design of HVAC systems for major construction projects including EuroDisney theme park, Louvre museum, Paris transit systems (Gare du Nord), Hospitals, Office campuses (Nestle HQ), sports stadiums (Stade de France). Following immigration to Israel in 2000 he now manages HRVAC Tel-Aviv office and managed design of HVAC systems for strategic projects including Laboratories (Technion), Pharma industry (TARO), Electronics industry (Intel Fabs and Research facilities, Tower Semi-conductors fab), road tunnel ventilation, rail tunnel ventilation (Tel-Aviv LRT, Line A1 to Jerusalem), US Consulate (Jerusalem), Airport (Timna).

EDUCATION (Degree and Specialization): B.Sc joint honors degree, Mechanical Engineering

FIRM NAME: H.R.V.A.C. Consulting Eng. Co. Ltd

  • 17 years  professional experience in France

  • Additional international experience in Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Morocco, Cyprus

  • Expert in tunnel ventilation including road, rail and transit underground stations

  • Expert in HVAC systems for clean-rooms, data-centers and supporting energy centers