Raanan Danon

Raanan Danon

H. Danon Engineering


writing the Israeli Ministry of Health HVAC standard - "AC-01".

HVAC systems design for dozens of hospitals in Israel and abroad, in hundreds of projects.

HVAC systems design for dozens of complicated data centers.

HVAC systems design for dozens of commercial green buildings. 



2000 – Present

CEO and owner of H. Danon Engineering Ltd.

  • Management of an engineering company. The company's main activities are design, planning, consulting and coordination of Air Conditioning, heating, ventilation and Refrigeration systems.
    The company emphasis uncompromised quality design, while Coordinating and cooperating with the design team members. Our company hires experienced and highly qualified staff and uses advanced computer programs, with an accurate supervision of the contractor's work, all to provide the customer quality, efficient and credible systems. All the above achieved through high quality service, integrity, and professional ethics.
    Our company holds the international quality standard ISO 9001 while performing all the requirements of the standard to provide efficient and diligent service to the customer.

  • I am an active member in the following institutions:
    ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning   Engineers.
    SEEEI – The Society of Electrical, Electronics and Energy Engineers in Israel.

  • Writing the Israeli Ministry of Health HVAC standard - "AC-01" and lectured many courses about the standard to diverse populations.

  • designing Thousands of complicated HVAC projects for hospitals, commercial buildings, data centers, green buildings etc., in Israel and abroad.  

1992 – 2000
HVAC systems designer, H. Danon Engineering Ltd.

  • working as an HVAC systems designer during my engineering studies and after I graduated. 


1998-2000 - M.B.A – Master of Business Administration. Ben Gurion University, Israel.

1997-1998 - Information System Planning. John Bryce academy, Israel.

1993 – 1997 - B.Sc. – Mechanical engineering. Ben Gurion University, Israel.