Yuval Margulis

Yuval Margulis

Chair of Advanced Operation & Maintenance track

Born in 1952, Bacau, Romania.

Completed my studies in 1976 at G. Asachi Politechnical Institute of Iasi, Romania, with a degree in Electrical Engineering .

Married   Viviana for 40 years, two daughters and 3 Grandchildren (4th hopefully arriving in a few days). 

Made Alia in 1978 and started to work in the same year for a period of 17 years at the Israel Military Industry.

From 1995 to 2019 worked as Chief Electrical and Air Conditioning Engineer at  Israel Airports Authority; Responsible for the development of all the Airports and Land Border Crossings in Israel;  This is a position of great responsibility and many professional challenges.    

From hundreds of projects I managed during this period, I will mention  the most important - Terminal 3, The New Control Tower, The Runaways, Taxiways and Hard standings big development project at Ben Gurion Airport, connection of the Ben Gurion Airport to Natural Gas Infrastructure, the New Co-Generation Power Plant (under construction) with a maximum capacity of 20 Mw and 3000 TR (ton refrigerating), the 5 Mw PV installation , the New Ramon Airport that was opened in January 2019.

Love to travel, read books, listen to music, take care of my grandchildrens, make sport.