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"Electricity & Energy 2021" is the 21st annual international convention of the Society of Electrical, Electronics and Energy engineers in Israel (SEEEI). It attracts over 1,600 electrical and energy engineers, seniors from leading companies, the academia, and decision-makers from the industry and governmental authorities. It is one of the largest professional engineering and technology meetings held in Israel. "Electricity & Energy 2020" offers 150 lectures in the fields of electrical engineering, energy, HVAC, e-mobility, cyber protection, smart grid, renewable energy, industrial control, lighting, Engineering and utilities. The latest technologies are displayed in an exhibition by 75 companies. The relaxed and pleasant venue, Eilat, provides an appropriate networking atmosphere, B2B meetings, and business acceleration.

"Electricity & Energy 2021" plenary sessions are focusing on: the future of power utilities, the impact of the reform in the Israeli electricity market, the microgrid as a dominant building block of the smart city, innovations in the field of energy, business opportunities in the developing energy and electricity markets, and e-mobility.

"Electricity & Energy 2021" brings together the entire Electrical Engineering and HVAC community; young engineers alongside veterans, practicing engineers alongside researchers, policy making officers alongside seniors and executives from the industry. It is an opportunity to meet with the Israeli market decision makers, to visit the exhibition which presented new products and the latest technologies. Take advantage of this unique networking platform, meet your colleagues, and get familiar with the latest trends that are reshaping the global energy arena.

Convention Committees

Convention Presidency

Prof. Simon Litsyn - Chairman

Jonny Malachi – Vice Chairman

Igor Aronovich – Vice Chairman


Program Committee

Michael Bixon - Chairman

Dr. Aharon Bar-Dov
Dalit Bartal

Lazar Fuchs

Miron Givelberg

Mike Green

Sergiu Hollinger

Avi Lugassi

Yuval Margulis

Bruno Segal

Steering Committee
Dr. Aharon Bar Dov
Ronen Aharon

Rafi Aharoni

Prof. Abraham Alexandrovich

Eli Asulin

Itzhak Balmas

David Bar-Akiva

Daniel Branover, USA
Ytzhak Bracha

Prof. Israel (Izzi) Borovich

Moshe Cohen

Rafi Cohen
Dr. Uri Duman

Elisha Ekstein

Dr. Gideon Friedman
Hertzel Friedman

Dr. Nurit Gal
Shimon Goldman

Dr. Tatiana Gorelik, Russia

Noam Harari

Chen Herzog

Dr. –Ing.  Ali Inan, Germany

Emil Koifman

Prof. Mendel Krichevsky

Emanuel Marynko
Avi Menashe
Vladimir Nemirovski

Prof. Shmuel Oren, USA

Prof. Yosef Pinhasi
Avraham Rabouchin

Prof. Shmuel Schacham
Boris Schwartz

Arkadi Shein
Prof. Doron Shmilovitz
Dr. Ilan Souliman

Prof. Saad Tapuchi

Dr. Alex Turezky

Prof. Dr. Ing. Victor Vaida, Romania

Dr.-Ing. Jorge Vasconcelos, Portugal
Prof. Simon Watson, UK

Dr. Dan Weinstock

Sleiman Weishahi
Evgenyi Wiener

Heinrich Wienold, Germany

Dr. Kobi Yahav

Elisha Yanay
Avraham Yaniv

Nir Zaidfunden

Important dates

Abstract Submission



Authors Notified



Manuscripts Due



The International Annual Convention


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